What is 'iLead'?

'iLead' is an application to bridge the gap between people and the local authorities. It consists of a citizen mobile app and a web based public dashboard - www.iLeadMyCity.co.za. The mobile app empowers citizens to report issues or appreciation; observed where they are at the moment and be a helping hand. Every citizen carrying smartphone with geographical position system (GPS), camera and internet connectivity can act as a human sensor walking on the street and can help to improve living conditions in their surroundings. Let's help make the planet greener, smarter and better connected.

By crowdsourcing the information collection process, the local authorities are facilitated with issues reported - to help address them. The iLead's web based public dashboard facilitates local authorities by geographically mapping issues and appreciations reported without having to send field staff. The issues reported by citizens can be further analysed, processed and prioritized to address them, based on their severity.

The ‘iLead’ mobile app can be downloaded for free from Apple iTunes Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

How to download the application?

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