Personal information provided for using this app “iLeadMyCity”, will be handled, used, shared and retained by iLeadMyCity / Innodel Technologies Pvt. Ltd / TIC-IT Telecoms Pty. Ltd. In addition, the app collects information such as: the type of mobile device you use, location of the device, photos uploaded, forms filled by the users. iLeadMyCity may share this information reported with third parties for the purposes of analysing issues to help address them.

The sole purpose of information published on iLeadMyCity website is to assist local authorities and bring awareness in general public and strictly not for using information published in court of law anywhere or as a substitute for seeking independent legal or other professional advice.

Information reported using iLeadMyCity app does not represents the official policy, position or views of the iLeadMyCity / TIC-IT Telecoms Pty. Ltd. / Innodel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. staff or public officials. Any information reported, which is unlawful, illicit, abusive and irrelevant to be on public domain will not be published on Innfy website.

iLeadMyCity / TIC-IT Telecoms Pty. Ltd. / Innodel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible in any way for information authenticity, errors or omissions and taking actions / redressal; and does not represent that this website / app contains all information related to any subject covered.

You may opt-out of all information collection (by iLeadMyCity) by uninstalling this app from your mobile device. This will stop all collection of information by iLeadMyCity through the app.

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